Greetings From The Messenger

by Jo Madrid

To be here and now is forever.
To be here and now is to see the forwardness of our lives.
To be here and now at times does seem to be the hardest thing that you will realize.

For deep inside we hear and know,
The here and now isn't always just a glow.

The here and now can be wherever we are.
The here and now last only for a moment of time.

When I walk alongside the ocean and hear it's roar,
I was in the here and now and nevermore.

When I walked alone, the twinkling music of the stream,
The here and now, I hear then, you see

But do those sounds follow us wherever we go?
Are they for real? Or just a memory so.

When we at the here and now, we say
You say to me - who I say - why am I that again?

You say to me sometimes through distant thoughts
You tell me that this is true

The here and now has just begun again
Is there no end to the who?
Is there no end to the here?

But each of us know that the here and now has always just begun.

As random thoughts run through ones mind,
The here and now, it brings them back again.
To remind us that each little speck of sand is here again.

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