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Message of Hope

"We all feel scared at times. There is nothing wrong with that, but there will come a day when you will stop feeling scared and look at all you have done." -- Jo Madrid


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At an early age, Jo Madrid was aware of a guardian spirit who became her constant companion.  She calls her "Willow".  A wise and playful manifestation of Universal Love.  Willow uses her deep perception and understanding to give individual's guidance regarding their personal journey through this life.


Using her special gift, Jo becomes a channel of Willow and assists people in becoming aware of their connection with the Universal Consciousness.  She links each person's energy with that of their guardian's (spirit-guides).  This link creates a frequency band, much like a radio wave, for the transmission of information, opening up options and possibilities.  This frequency of unconditional love allows you to experience your guides as an extension of you.  They work with your feelings and attitudes towards life, illuminating your path and assisting with your growth.

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